1for6 Crosstip Screwdriver

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Brand: King Dick

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* 6 in 1 Screwdriver size:


A revolutionary breakthrough in screwdriver technology!

This NEW cross tip screwdriver from King Dick features a patented new tip design that allows precise and powerful contact with ALL SIX screwhead sizes!

Available as standard heavy duty and now NEW insulated VDE tested to 1000V.

With a blade made from high grade steel which is then hardened and plated, the screwdriver features a 6mm hexagonal shaft with 10mm hexagonal bolster for application of maximum torque and utilises the proven King Dick soft feel handle for comfortable and powerful use.

Fits PH 1-2-3 and PZ 1-2-3.

Tester: Simon Relph. Tiem used four months.
What's good: How many times have you hunted around for another crosshead screwdriver because the one in your hand doesn't quite fit correctly, running the risk of wrecking the head? King Dick has come up with a very cleaver solution to all this - a crosstip screwdriver that has a cunning tip design which allows a precise fit to all six crosstip screws: 3 Pozidrive and 3 Phillips. When I first got the screwdriver I went round and found as many crosstip screws and put it to the test and low and behaold, every one was a perfect fit. It has a really good feel in your hand with an excellent grip so it's easy to apply some power without slipping. If you are facing a really stubborn screw there is a way out - at the top of the shaft there is a 10mm hexagonal bolster, this allows you to use a 10mm wrench for extra torque. The price is hard to beat too.

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