Founded in 1856, Abingdon King Dick is an established manufacturer of quality engineering tools that originally traded as Abingdon Engineering.   The company made a variety of goods such as gear boxes, chains and motorcycles for several years before focusing solely on quality professional user tools from the turn of the twentieth century.   It was at this stage that both the King Dick name and logo was first adopted, which symbolically features the owner's show winning bulldog as a sign of British tenacity and strength of character.

In order to attain maximum performance, King Dick tools pass a series of checks to verify that the demanded tolerances have been realised.   These tests are conducted at each stage of the production process, (boring, grinding, broaching, polishing, marking, hardening and plating).  All products have to pass each and every test stage before moving on to the next.   Only when the final uncompromising quality inspection is complete, are King Dick tools deemed acceptable for public release, ensuring that a tradition of extreme quality and exceptional performance is successfully maintained.   Tools of such calibre provide the end user total confidence in their ability to perform and fulfil operations in a safe, secure and efficient manner.   Their continuous development programme also ensures that not only is extensive research carried out in-house, but real-world situations are critically examined to define the optimum requirements.  All King Dick tools are of high quality and covered by their full replacement guarantee.   Time limits only apply to wearing parts (such as ratchet internals – 1 year and Pliers – 5 years).

NORTON MOTORCYCLES: A large high profile company who have selected King Dick Tools exclusively for all production following their re-launch in 2009.