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King Dick Tools 6 or 7 Drawer Roller Cabinet with Metric Tools. (AF are available, please ask)
This ccabinest perfectly combines with our 4 or 6 Drawer Top Chests and Middle Chests
Standard Colours – Black with Silver/Grey drawers or gloss Blue
Why not customise this to suit you....we can add extra name plates, lazer engrave logo's or even change the colour!
Drawers 1 and 7 – empty, anti slip liner only
Drawer 2 Contents:
T Handle Hex Wrenches 2.5 - 12mm, T30 and T40
9pc Hex Wrench Set – Metric – Long and Long Ball End    
Drawer 3 Contents:
Screwdrivers: 1 for 6 Crosstip, Slotted, Torx, Extra Long Crosstip and Slotted
Pliers: Inside and Outside Circlip Pliers - Bent and Straight
Cutting Pliers, Combination, Self Grip, Long Nose Bent and Straight
Metric Feeler Gauge and Telescopic Magnet
Drawer 4 Contents:
Combination Spanners 6 – 24mm
Drawer 5 Contents:
¼” SD Ratchet, 2 Extensions
Sockets:  Standard 5 – 12mm  Hex Bit 3mm – 5mm  
Torx T10 – T25  
3/8” SD Ratchet, Speed Brace, 2 Wobble Extensions,
2 Extensions, Sliding T Bar, Convertors
Sockets:  Deep 6 – 22mm  Standard 6 – 20mm  
Hex Bit 5 – 10mm  Torx – T20 – T50  Torx Anti Tamper T25
½” SD Ratchet, Extensions, Convertor
Sockets:  Standard – 21 – 36mm  Hex Bit – 12mm, 17mm & 19mm 
Torx – T55
Drawer 6 Contents:
Adjustable Wrench, Hook Wrench, Dead Blow Hammer,
¼” SD Torque Wrench, 3/8” SD Torque Wrench, 
½” SD Torque Wrench, Torque Angle Gauge

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